Every guitar is designed around your needs and playing style. From the functionality and sound, to the comfort and playability of the instrument, everything will be discussed with discerning detail so I can find out exactly what you need before building it.


The timber is everything when it comes to making acoustic guitars. To this end I take time and spare no expense in hand-picking every piece of wood I use to ensure the highest standards in both quality and beauty. Where possible I will use sustainable timbers, and all my wood is sourced from reputable sources.


Even when a guitar sounds and looks great, poor quality hardware will make an instrument feel cheap. I use Gototis products by default for my guitars, as I have every faith in their quality and durability. Electronics are handled by Heavy air pick-ups, CTS controls, Pots Evidence Audio cable and Switchcraft jacks. As with everything, I will use any hardware and electronics you specify to help you achieve your sound.


The detail is where I pay most of my attention. I offer the widest possible selection of exotic timbers, hardware options, decadent inlay and engraving to make your custom instrument look as exquisite as it sounds.


I personally finish every piece that comes from my workshop, using a variety of options to suit the application. If you want to be in touch with the natural timber, I will apply an oil finish by hand. If you want a lustrous finish which will age with time to like like the classic guitars of the 1950-60's I will use nitro-cellulose lacquer. I will not, however, finish the guitar with anything that could be considered detrimental to the sound of the guitar, as a lot of modern manufacturers do.